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Generally, rivers tend to become less and less beautiful as they approach their mouth but it is just the opposite with the Neckar.

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For 50km, it cuts through the Odenwald forest and carves out a deep path for itself in the coloured sandstone as it bends and curves. The steep cliffs that extend up to 400m above the valley bed emerge from the river bed, mighty walls of rock in warm shades of red clay, used to make the Castle and Old Bridge. Between Easter and October, you have daily boat rides from Heidelberg to the mouth of the Neckar or further to Neckersteinach and back. A unique water experience in Heidelberg is ride on the world's largest solar catamaran. In addition, you also have boat rides on the Neckar every hour, which start of the Old Bridge and go to many different docks in Heidelberg. Things get romantic on the Nepomuk Terrace at the Old Bridge - at the Heidelberg Love Stone, lovers can attach a lock as a symbol of their eternal love.