Das Neue Schloss

New Castle

Schlossstraße 22,  76530 Baden-Baden

Majestically situated on the Florentinerberg, a sun blessed hill overlooking Baden-Baden, is the Neues Schloss or New Castle – the former residence of the Margraves of Baden.

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Unfortunately, with the building being in private hands, it is not possible to visit either the castle or its gardens. It is, however, well worth wandering up to the terrace, in front of the castle, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Baden-Baden.
By the way, did you know that the entire contents of the castle were sold by Sotheby’s in a spectacular auction in 1995?

In October 2003, the Neues Schloss was sold to the Kuwaiti Al Hassawi Group. It is believed that this listed building is to be renovated into a luxury hotel.


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