Ohmen Chapel

The Ohmen Chapel’s original name was “Judas Thaddeus Chapel”. The chapel is a place of pilgrimage for Roman Catholics.  

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The worship of St. Judas Thaddeus on this former pagan cult site is probably closely linked with the history of the monastery (12th century). In 1146, St. Bernard of Clairvaux undertook his famous journey to Breisgrau. St. Bernard was a great admirer of the apostle Judas Thaddeus. It is safe to assume that this led to the worship of St. Judas Thaddeus on the “Ohmen” hill or at least made him a more significant figure in the region.     

The second founder of the monastery received a Judas Thaddeus relic in 1722 and had the first chapel built on the hill in 1726. The chapel, as we see it today, developed in the course of the 18th century. Its walls had to be completely renewed in 1964. The high altar is dedicated to the chapel’s namesake and the angels. Its sides are adorned with figures of St. Peter and St. Andrew. The left side altar was dedicated to the abbot Magnus of Füssen and the right side altar to St. Wendelin. There are also other figures alongside these two. Religious images and frescos are also in abundance in the chapel.

The Ohmen Chapel is on the “Ohmen” hill. The name is probably of Celtic origin and translates as “hill of peace”. 

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