Mannheim, Altes Rathaus und Pfarrkirche St. Sebastian
Famous building

Old Town Hall and St. Sebastian Church

F 1,  68159 Mannheim
Open 24 hours

Where half of Mannheim bustles busily on market days, two clocks set the pace together.

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The baroque backdrop for the market held here three times a week is formed by the ensemble of the old town hall and the parish church of St. Sebastian - which is incidentally Mannheim's oldest building. If you happen to lose track of time in the hustle and bustle of the market, two clocks and a bell tower are on hand to bring you back to the here and now. What's more, a glockenspiel sounds from the tower three times a day, charming more people than merely the wedding couple exchanging vows inside the walls.

Top tip: You can immerse yourself in Mannheim's internationality directly behind the market place. The predominantly Turkish-influenced district with its small shops and delicacies like baklava and pide can easily turn your thoughts to your next holiday. The huge selection of bridal and evening wear on offer here draws customers from over 150 kilometers away.


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