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Visitors from around the world have long seen OUTLETCITY METZINGEN as a real city of fashion on a par with with major style capitals around the world.

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A day out at OUTLETCITY METZINGEN is about so much more than just the shopping – it is a luxury break. Over 100 brands of major designers are represented in flagship outlet stores and reductions of up to 70%* make a visit worthwile all year round. Our cosmopolitan customers fit right into the sophisticated urban setting where the history of textile industry is combined with award-winning archietecture, sophisticated events and unique services.

On the menu at OUTLETCITY METZINGEN is an exquisite selection of diverse food and drink delights. Would you really expect any less from a city of fashion? After all, if you’ve got international designer brands in your shopping bags, you surely need the finest of delicacies on your plate.

It’s about time you got to know the city of fashion for yourself too!

In this town on the edge of the Swabian Alb mountains, nature and architecture are beautifully intertwined. Given that the location is the hometown of Hugo Boss and was once a textile stronghold the appreciation of tradition accompanies the modern development. This is expressed through the beautiful combination of a historic city center with a full revitalisation of whole areas with sustainable building methods, adding a modern shopping area. Heading through the vineyards, you would never guess that there is a big-city atmosphere with a whole world of fashion just steps away.

*Compared to the manufacturer’s RRP, if appliccable

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