Schlossgartenbahn Karlsruhe
Museum railway

Palace Garden Railway

The railway in the palace gardens runs every year from Good Friday to All Saints Day, on weekends and holidays. Between the end of May and the beginning of October, the train also runs on weekdays. A complete trip takes about 20 minutes. The ‘little railway’, as it is affectionately known, is very popular among the people of Karlsruhe and visitors.

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The mini railway in the palace gardens was set up in 1967 for the Federal Garden Show in Karlsruhe. The nearly two and a half kilometre stretch of track was initially run as a private business, but its operation was taken over by the transport services in 1988.

The train includes a diesel locomotive and four wagons, in addition to the steam locomotive ‘Greif’, which is run by a subcontractor. The train transports approximately 50,000 riders per year.

Information for the timetables can be found here.

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