Das Paradies 6,  76530 Baden-Baden
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"Beautiful Living" in paradise

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Have you always wanted to know what it is like to live in paradise? Now you have the chance! Simply visit the Paradies in Baden-Baden and find out for yourself. This combined park and residential area, from the early 1920s, is often identified as being one of the country’s first “beautiful living” projects.

The ornamental garden stretches over three streets. It has a central feature of a cascading waterfall, which is supplied by an underground spring. From top to bottom, the waterfall descends an incredible 130 feet. The garden is aligned on both sides by exquisite mansions, which captivate and compensate with their own impressive shrubbery. From here, there is also a wonderful view of the town center.

The Paradies can be reached in a number of different ways: on foot; by car, with parking at the Friedrichshöhe reservoir or on the Markgrafenstraße; with the 205 bus, alighting at the Friedrichshöhe bus stop; or with the Road Train.


Free entry