Parish Church of St. Faith in Grafenhausen

Kirchsteige 7,  79865 Grafenhausen

St. Faith is the parish church of Grafenhausen and belongs to the pastoral care unit of Upper Schlücht Valley. 

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St. Faith was a girl of around 12 years of age who bravely professed her belief during the persecution of the Christians under Emperor Maximinus Daia (303 - 313). She was tortured and executed. Her relics were initially kept in Aden (Arabia) and arrived in Conques (southern France) in the Middle Ages. The founder of Grafenhausen (1078), Count Eberhard III of Nellenburg, experienced the worship of St. Faith (Sainte Foy in French) in Conques during his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and brought it with him to Grafenhausen.

A document kept in the Allerheiligen Museum in Schaffhausen states that Bishop Gebhard III of Constance consecrated the Church of St. Faith in Grafenhausen in 1096. Abbot Siegfried of the Allerheiligen Abbey in Schaffhausen had already founded a Benedictine daughter monastery in Grafenhausen in 1078. Just like the affiliated parish church, it was dedicated to St. Faith.

After a blaze that destroyed several houses, the church, and the vicarage in 1622, the church as it stands today was rebuilt. The church tower was the only thing to survive the disaster. By 1899-1900, the church had become too small. It was thus enlarged in the neo-Gothic style.

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