Parish Church of St. John the Baptist (former monastery church)

Lindenstr. 1,  79877 Friedenweiler
Open 24 hours

Today’s parish church in Friedenweiler in the Black Forest Highlands was once a monastery church that belonged to the Cistercian convent. It was built in 1726. 

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The convent’s existence was first documented by the pope in 1139. 300 years later, a second document provided more detail, stating that the convent consisted of living quarters, a church, and a courtyard. In 1452, the monastery and all its surrounding buildings burned down for the first time.

The bell tower looms above all the other buildings and serves as a prominent landmark in all directions. It belongs to the former monastery church, which was rebuilt after the third fire of 1725. Its history is just as interesting as its imposing architectural structure.