Beautiful avenue in the park of Bad Krozingen
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park in Bad Krozingen

Kurhaustraße 1,  79189 Bad Krozingen
Open 24 hours

In Bad Krozingen you will discover how seductive a park can be. The opulent park landscape is a real paradise with rare trees spreading their leaves over the fields and paths.

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The skilfully crafted flowerbeds and topiary sculptures are genuine works of art with the topiary peacock being the main attraction. Plant lovers will find botanic variety in the scents and herb garden which is not only a treat for the eyes but also for the nose.

Regular expert guided tours turn a simple stroll into a real little excursion. The animal enclosure with its delightful children’s zoo makes for a whole new adventure while the mini golf course and the tennis courts are perfect for those who fancy some fun and games. Those who prefer to take things more slowly will find quiet niches where, shielded from the goings-on within the park, inviting benches allow you to while away the time.

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