Parkhotel St.Leonhard - hotel park

Obere St.-Leonhardstrasse 71,  88662 Überlingen
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A hotel park, which is maintained according to the nature in the garden guidelines.

The Parkhotel St. Leonhard is situated in a particularly attractive location high above the lake, with a wonderful view of the Alps landscape. The approximately 70 ha large hotel park has a great flair and attractiveness also for guests from the region. In addition to the landscape park, a herb garden and a historic orchard complete the offer.

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Parkhotel St. Leonhard has its own name. In the immediate vicinity stands the St. Leonhard chapel. Until the 18th century, this chapel was the destination of processions of the locals to the cattle patron St. Leonhard and the goal of the pilgrims, who could get an indulgence here. Around the turn of the century, with the expansion of the shipping on Lake Constance, the starting shot for holiday tourism was laid. Überlingen, the "Nice on the Swabian Sea", attracted more and more guests to summer freshness. At this time, the Parkhotel St. Leonhard was built in a particularly attractive location high above the lake, with a magnificent view of the Swiss and Austrian Alps.
The Parkhotel St. Leonhard unfolds its own lively ambiance, but away from the running activity that every city today knows. The three restaurants, the generously dimensioned lookout terraces and the hotel park develop flair and attractiveness also for the guests from the region. In keeping with the style of its origins, tree groups, bush combinations and powerful solitaires alternate. Catalpa and Chamecyparis dominate the exotics. Among the locals, the beeches and the oaks dominate as solitaires and the lindens, which are lined up to a shadowy avenue. Bush groups from Taxus, Kirschlorbeer, figs, juniper and accompanying view to the lake, the Mainau and the Bodanrück. Around the terrace thrive Mediterranean plants. The wild lemons are especially noticeable. In the back of the hotel, native and mediterranean herbs thrive in the herb garden. The plant is rounded off by the historic orchard with old apple and pear varieties, which is now used by a dam trawler.


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