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Pforzheim’s Jewelry World

Westliche-Karl-Friedrich Straße 68,  75172 Pforzheim

SCHMUCKWELTEN Pforzheim is unique: An indoor complex that really is a world of jewelry, with exhibitions (from gold bars to precious stones), craftsmen at work and shops.

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The city of Pforzheim is nicknamed the City of Gold, because jewelry and watchmaking have long been a tradition – and still are! In the SCHMUCKWELTEN, displays range from gold bars and a gold-plated Porsche to precious stones. You can see how metals and stones are mined from space, as well as from the deep, dark ocean floor and the centre of the earth; you can peer at 5,000 natural gemstones and minerals.
There are craftsmen who create beautiful modern jewelry and watches, and shops where you can buy these heirlooms of tomorrow – as well as famous brands, the best German watches, clocks, and jewelry.

Pforzheim is 35 miles/56 km northwest of Stuttgart.

Visitor tip: there are regular seminars and workshops on jewelry design and creation.

Exclusive tours for groups by prior arrangement: call +49 72 31 99 44 44

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday        10 to 7pm.
Sundays and holidays       11 to 6pm.   


Adults              €8.00  
Concessions        €5.50  

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Pforzheim’s Jewelry World

Industrie- und Werksbesichtigung
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