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Philosopher's Walk

Philosophenweg, 69120 Heidelberg

On the natural balcony that is the Philosopher's Walk, everyone is in the first row and can allow nature and the view over city take its affect in tandem.

In this micro-climate, which is one of the warmest places in Germany, the exotic comes into bloom - you have Japanese mistletoe, American cypress, Spanish gorse, Portuguese cherries, lemons, pomegranates, bamboo, palm trees and pines. Everything here blooms earlier than in the valley. At one time, scholars walked here in their stiff coats and let their thoughts wander. The Heidelberg Philosopher's Walk through a sunny overhang above Heidelberg provided new insight to many and also gave them a unique view of the city. From this sunny spot with its mild climate and vegetation that is reminiscent of Tuscany, you can observe the "Heidelberg Trinity" - the Old City, the river and the mountains.

Free entrance.


69120 Heidelberg