Pilgrimage church Maria Schray

Bei Maria Schray / Mengener Straße ,  88630 Pfullendorf

Small baroque jewel. Still a popular Upper Swabian pilgrimage destination today.

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A small baroque jewel on the northern edge of Pfullendorf. Maria Schray is still a popular pilgrimage destination today. First mentions of the chapel date back to 1360; its origins could even go back to the 13th century. As in the town church, Johann Jakob Schwarzmann and Andreas Meinrad von Au worked here and decorated the church.

In July 1632 the Swedes moved against the town and burned down the pilgrimage church. The sacristan and a farmer were murdered in the process. Legend has it that the image of the Virgin Mary floated above Maria Schray, unscathed, surrounded by smoke and flames. According to another legend, the miraculous image floated into the nearby Neidlingwald forest and settled on an oak tree. This "Mother of God oak" can still be visited today.

Soon after the Thirty Years' War - 1655 - the reconstruction of the pilgrimage church began.

For centuries, a pilgrimage service has been held every Saturday morning at 9.00 am. From 8.30 a.m. there is an opportunity to pray the rosary.

In the summer months the church is open until 18.00 and in the winter months until 17.00.

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