Pine cone artwork in Rothaus: Verstehen ist das Gefühl von Heimat (Understanding is the feeling of home)

Rothaus 2,  79865 Grafenhausen
Open 24 hours

The “Verstehen ist das Gefühl von Heimat” artwork was created by Stefan Strumbel, an artist in the northern Black Forest, on behalf of the Brauerei Rothaus. It was displayed for the anniversary year of 2016, 60 years of Tannenzäpfle beer and 275 years of the Brauerei Rothaus.

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The Brauerei Rothaus is celebrating a double anniversary in 2016 (225 years of the brewery and 60 years of Tannenzäpfle beer). In addition, due to the building work (of a picking hall and a sorting plant with solarthermics), Rothaus must provide a percent for art programme. Due to these two events, the brewery decided to install a piece of artwork in Rothaus by Stefan Strumbel. It will promote tourism in the Black Forest because: beer culture is already subject for it. Through the artwork, beer culture can now be experienced in two senses by visitors to the brewery.

In its design, the sculpture relates both to the location, the Black Forest, and to the history of the Brauerei Rothaus. Strumbel translates the tap motif into a large-format two-part Corten steel structure that is about 15 metres high which translates the traditional Rothaus motif into a three-dimensional piece of art. The two-part sculpture symbolises a dichotomous world view and illustrates the romantic idea of the entirety of mankind, the search for real, true life – to which the title of the piece makes specific reference.

The sculpture welcomes visitors, employees and passers-by, offers ever new impressions from various angles and sets a contrast to the surrounding nature through its artificiality. The piece enchants with its immediate understandability and through its overall sculptural impression. With both the material used and the sophisticated design, the piece impresses as an important landmark with a great recognition value and symbolic power.

Brief overview:

Title: Verstehen ist das Gefühl von Heimat (Understanding is the feeling of home)
Material: Corten steel
Height: 15 metres
Foundation: 10x15 metres
Artist: Stefan Strumbel
Year: 2016

At the side of the Brauerei Rothaus, you will also find an art-history concept by exhibition curator Florian Waldvogel.