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Bismarckallee 7g,  79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

Where do the stars hide in the daytime? How many planets revolve around the sun? What does the Milky Way look like?

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Star-gazers of all ages can discover the galaxies of our universe at the Freiburg Planetarium.
The star ball in the large dome (13 meters in diameter) projects a true-to-life firmament onto the ceiling. Observe how the Big Dipper rotates around the polar star in the northern sky or see the famous “Southern Cross,” visible only in the southern hemisphere in the real world.

A modern Fulldome video system and two high-performance projectors transform the Freiburg Planetarium into a 360-degree cosmic cinema. The program includes lots of great features for children, including a chance to watch the adventures of the rainbow fish and enter its underwater world. Adult amateur astronomers can take a cruise through the galaxy’s star attractions.

Take a virtual trip to unknown corners of our universe and experience the realm of the stars from a whole new perspective!

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