Mannheim Popakademie

Popakademie Baden-Württemberg - University of Popular Music and Music Business

Hafenstraße 33,  68159 Mannheim
Open 24 hours

How much groove can you take? You'll find the answer in the lively and creative "Jungbusch" neighbourhood, Mannheim's former harbour district.

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Here, you are surrounded by music. The arrival of the "Popakademie Mannheim" confirmed the city as the country's "secret music capital". Today, this prestigious institution is the centre of a vibrant cultural scene. With its active promotion of pop music and various institutions, it is the ideal environment for up-and-coming artists. Young talents from all over Germany come to Mannheim to live their dream and hopefully become pop stars. Here, you can get a real sense of the hard path from the practice room to the limelight and take a look behind the scenes of the music business. Join a musical boat tour or guitar workshop, or enjoy one of the regular concerts. Maybe you'll find yourself listening to tomorrow's next big star...

Top tip: Just two minutes' walk from the Popakademie, the restaurant "Die Küche" in the Musikpark is a popular haunt. It offers an authentic Jungbusch vibe with a touch of harbour flair, rock'n'roll factor and industrial romance. The rooftop restaurant with its sun deck serves up "simply good food" and stunning views.


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