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Prehistoric Burial Mound in Bärenbühl

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In the Black Forest, there are several stone mounds, often found grouped together. Many of them are probably burial mounds, erected thousands of years ago. Most are empty which makes it difficult to date them. 

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Just like in Dittishausen, they are usually located on mountain spurs, hills, or other terrain edges. Often they are found along the edge of a path. They are up to 2 m high, with diameters of up to 10 m. The mounds bear witness to the extensive settlement of the Black Forest in prehistoric times.  

Bärenbühl has around 360 mounds. Many of the distinctive rises in the earth were previously thought to be witches’ dancing grounds. Some believe them to belong to mysterious cults.

Turn right in Dittishausen by the town hall and then turn left by the war memorial and head towards the sports grounds. From here, you continue straight ahead on the footpath through the woods. The burial mounds are predominantly on the right-hand side (between 200 m and 500 m) ca. 30 m from the path. 


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