Private Garden Müller-Hausser Überlingen

Gällerstr. 16,  88662 Überlingen
Open 24 hours

The private garden of the villa Elmenhorst is 2,800 m2 in size , is located in a spa area and is bounded on two sides by the City Park with animal enclosure.

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Ms. Kristin Müller - Hausser invites, in the private garden of the villa Elmenhorst . In 2,800 m2 of garden, there is a very beautiful old trees with fruit and deciduous trees under which you can sit . Given depending on the season flowering meadows, rhododendrons, peonies, roses, iris , etc.

Opening times:

The garden is open all year round, booking desirable but spontaneous visits are also possible.

Overnight accommodation:

The villa is a guest house with 4 stars - guests are welcome.


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