Private practice Wulf Gisevius

Bergstraße 15,  79862 Höchenschwand

HÖCHENSCHWAND. The private practice Dr. med. Wulf Gisevius is located in Heppenschwand.

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The scope of services of the practice is as follows:

  • General medical activity (incl. ECG, lung function, laboratory and home visits)
  • Classical Homeopathy
  • acupuncture
  • Kneipp therapy consisting of the 5 treatment pillars hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, nutrition therapy, phytotherapy, order therapy
  • Biological cancer therapy
  • self-blood treatment
  • Vitamin build-up treatment
  • medically guided therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger
  • smoking cessation
  • talk therapy
  • healthy aging: well aging
  • light therapy
  • relaxation method
  • chiropractic therapy

On weekends the practice is also attainable with acute problems.
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