Freiburg Radstation
Bicycle rental

Radstation Freiburg (Freiburg bike station)

Wentzingerstraße 15,  79106 Freiburg im Breisgau

The Bike Station – innovation on two wheels! The circular building just behind the central station is the central hub for Freiburg residents’ favorite means of Transportation.

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Here you can book a bicycle tour of Freiburg, rent a bike or park your own securely while you go up to the rooftop terrace for some refreshment. The Bike Station also includes a workshop in case you need to make a repair.

Experience Freiburg — that means riding a bike. Explore the picturesque Freiburg Old Town or cycle along the Dreisam River. The Bike Station is the perfect starting point for any trip!

Tip: The rooftop terrace of the Café Hermann offers a 360-degree view over Freiburg. Gather your strength before a cycling tour with breakfast or end your trek with a thirst-quenching “Radler,” the German word for cyclist, but also a beer mixed with lemonade. Also for non-bike riders — it is a great place to relax and the round building is of architectural interest.

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