Seitenblicke ermöglicht die Räuberbahn Pfullendorf - Aulendorf
Museum railway

Räuberbahn Pfullendorf

88630 Pfullendorf

Get on the Räuberbahn and the Moorbahn. The trains will take you almost everywhere between Pfullendorf, Aulendorf and Bad Wurzach. Come to Oberschwaben at the weekend and on public holidays. Take a ride on the old revitalised railway lines. Bring partners, friends and family. Listen to the singing robber descendant Max Elsässer on the train. Flirt with the imperial court lady Countess Paula to Königsegg-Aulendorf. Walk and cycle along the railway lines through nature and history. Look to the horizon to see the Alps.

After a day on the Räuberbahn and the Moorbahn the world seems to have changed. That's the promise of the leisure programme Seitenblicke of the Bodensee-Oberschwaben transport association (bodo).

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Due to the voluntary commitment of railway experts railway lines and rail traffic, which had been out of service for decades, were revived. Communities, tourism, business and public agencies are supporting the project. The lines connect Pfullendorf, Aulendorf and Bad Wurzach.

In keeping with the history and nature of the region they are called robbers and moorland railway. The trains take families and groups, nature lovers, romanticists, hikers, cyclists, spa guests and holidaymakers to the most beautiful destinations.

But - what exactly is the connection between the the robbers from the 19th century and the railway line Aulendorf - Altshausen - Pfullendorf? The answer is that the environment of the railway line is surrounded by endless borders, enclaves and exclaves of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Württemberg and Baden. In this chaos of jurisdictions, the robber bands elected their places of retreat at that time and that is why there have been so many robbers in this area.

And to everyone who would like to meet a robber in real life - once a month the robber Max Elsäßer is on the train and entertains the passengers with exciting anecdotes and dialects from the robber area


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With the Regiobus (line 500) Überlingen - Sigmaringen the central bus station Pfullendorf can be reached every hour. It is only 450 metres from the bus station to the Räuberbahn station.


There is a large car park directly next to the centrally located train stop.

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