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The Kaiserstuhl region in northern Breisgau is not only a worthwhile destination because of its good wines - railroad enthusiasts will also find their very special experience there.

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In everyday life, the railcars of the Südwestdeutsche Eisenbahngesellschaft (Southwest German Railway Company) run on the tracks of the Kaiserstuhlbahn, but on summer weekends, the Rebenbummler (Vine Stroller) goes on the road. Puffing and whistling in the Western sound, it jogs along the vineyards. This museum railroad is one of the few in Germany that still operates the same vehicles that were used in regular service on the line in the past. So not just the same, but really the same. At the head of the train, steam locomotive No. 384 is doing its work. It belongs to the branch line "Essen". The oldest of the wagons date back to 1905, and there's one more scoop waiting for the friends of historical technology: a crane wagon from the 19th century.


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