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Roman settlement and archaeobotanical garden

Mauerweg 9,  77933 Lahr

Come on a trip in time to the Roman history of the city and discover the Roman buildings of Lahr!

About two thousand years ago, about 1200 people settled in Roman Vicus Lahr-Dinglingen. They lived from handicrafts, trade and services in terraced houses with shops at the roadside. A terraced house built true to the original including self-sufficient gardens invites you to experience how things were in those days.

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At the Roman settlement in the public park area of the garden show site, you can visit an authentic reconstruction of a Roman strip-building, the main type of house in the Roman Rhine province. Archaeological finds indicate that from the 1st century AD,
around 1,200 people lived here. This civilian settlement (“vicus” in Latin) was positioned on key trading routes, and specialized in commercial production, crafts, trade and services.

Adjoining the house is a newly laid out archaeobotanical garden, where you can see plants that were cultivated for food and trade during the Roman period.

The Roman settlement was established by the City Museum of Lahr with a wide range of museum-educational offers. Some archeological findings from the Roman settlement are on display in the City Museum in the clay oven factory.

The range of museum-educational activities shows life in Vicus Lahr-Dinglingen in special tours and attractive handson activities.
- Public tour of the Roman system
- Romans for young and old with practical activity
- Topical tour on individual aspects
- Activities for groups and school classes
- Workshops and practical tasks


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