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The Rulamanweg (Rulaman path), a timewalk through history back to our Stoneage forefathers, is inspired by the Children’s book “Rulaman” by the author and naturalist David Friedrich Weinland.

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First published in 1875, the novel "Rulaman" by David Friedrich Weinland has brought generations of children and young people in contact with the lives of our Stone Age ancestors.  Theodor Heuss, our first President, once called it "the best German youth book".

The author Weinland lived in Wittlingen, just outside of Bad Urach and wrote his book about a Stone-age hero, Rulaman, based on the Bad Urach landscape and area surrounding his home in Wittlingen. Below the castle ruins of Wittlingen lies the Schiller cave which features heavily in the book and is called “Tulkahöhle” in the novel and just below the cave runs the Rulaman pathway.

The Rulamanweg invites you on a journey back in time. At 500 meter intervals you move from the present back a 1,000 years towards our ancestors 500,000 years ago. The journey highlights just how much time stands between our Stone Age ancestors and the first Europeans, Homo Heidelbergensis. Through information boards along the pathway you will learn about inventive tool techniques, artwork and the culture from the previous millennia. At the beginning of the path is a sculpture depicting the population explosion, followed by various information panels.

Information panel 1:

The past 3,000 years – depicted by rapid advances in developments and research, medicine, science and technology, in art, music and social systems on the one hand, but also devastating world wars, population explosion and global environmental destruction on the other side: the limits to growth in many areas for the first time, achieved in the history of mankind.


Information panel 2:

5000 years ago – depicting the time people become more sedentary, started growing crops and keeping livestock, division of labor, development of professions and state like structures, as well as wars over territory.


Information panel 3:

About 20,000 years ago - Paleolithic and oldest artworks of humanity found here in the caves of the Swabian Alb.


Information panel 4:

Approximately 120, 000 years ago - Neanderthals.

Information panel 5:

Around 500 000 years ago - prehistoric man (Heidelberger and Steinheimer man).

The Rulamweg is a very short walk where you can journey through different epochs, the end of the path is clearly marked by a milestone engraved with 500,000 - however, it pays not to turn around here, but to continue to the ruins of High Wittlingen to enjoy from there the view in the Ermstal through the Wolfsschlucht or to visit the Schiller cave mentioned in the novel.


Tip 1

The novel Rulaman is still available today, the Knödler Publisher in Reutlingen reprinted the book last in 2009.

Tip 2

"Back to the Stone Age- Adventurous hike in the footsteps of the Stone Age heroes Rulaman". Guided walk for children, adolescents and the young at heart is an adventurous guided tour run by experienced outdoor teacher and guide Jasmin Spiegler.

"We journey from Bad Urach Station on the Green path towards High Wittlingen on the Rulamanweg. Expect several surprises along the way and arrive at Rulamanweg, where we experience life as a Stone-age person, before following the adventurous route through the Wolfschulucht and finish with a visit to the Tulkahöhle (Schiller cave).”

The walk is suitable for hiking-lovers with children ages 8 and up. Maximum up to 5 families and 20 participants possible. Minimum number is 6 people. The terrain is steep and requires some surefootedness and good walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing is a must as well. Please bring a long-sleeved jumper or jacket for the visit to the cave – helmets and head torches will be provided. Bring along drinks and packed lunch, or grill stuff if you would like to BBQ and don’t forget insect repellent as we will be underway in nature, forest and meadows.

The activity takes between 3 to 5 hours, depending on the number of participants. The cost for children aged 8 to 15 years 10,- Euro per person, from 16 years, the price is 15,- Euro per person. Children under 8 are free.

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