SBBZ (Förderschule) im Bildungszentrum Parkschule Kressbronn a. B.

Maicher Straße 15,  88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee

At the SBBZ Parkschule 40 - 50 pupils from grades 1 to 6 are taught. The school is integrated into the educational center Bildungszentrum Kressbronn and is surrounded by sports facilities and the community park.

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Our school provides an educational program for students with special learning needs who are underachieving in general schools. Students are currently taught by seven teachers. Class sizes range from 7 - 10 students. This creates a very familiar atmosphere in which each student can be perceived and supported as an individual. The manageable framework and the close relationship to the teacher is the basis for a positive attitude towards learning for many students.