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Schafhof in Friedenweiler

Peter Thumb Straße,  79877 Friedenweiler
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The Schafhof is an illustrative example of a former Black Forest farm. 

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The Schafhof used to be where the ski lift ends today. Before the Friedenweiler monastery was founded in the Black Forest Highlands, the Schafhof was a Meierhof (a building or farm occupied by the administrator of a noble estate) and belonged to the Reichenau monastery. It was the oldest building in the area and, according to the local chronicle, was rebuilt in 1604. By 1899, it had fallen into disrepair and had to be knocked down. On the occasion of the Friedenweiler community’s 850th celebration, a miniature version was created by the “Narrenverein” (Fool’s Guild) and presented during the festival procession. The replica is situated just past Lake Klostersee. It authentically illustrates how people and animals used to live together on the Black Forest farms of the past.      


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