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Schlossberg (Recreation area Castle mountain)

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Freiburg's Schlossberg, with its fantastic views of the city and the Rhine valley, traces of an eventful history, and excellent dining, invites you to hike, explore and relax.

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The particularity of this mountain spur is its position between the Dreisam and Rhine valleys, as well as its eventful historical past. Under the famous master builder Vauban, the French started the construction of a fortress on the strategic vantage point of the mountaintop in 1679. The entire fortress was blown up when the French made their final withdrawal in 1745. The outlines of the fortress are still clearly identifiable today. They are classed as a protected historic monument and information signs are placed in the main fortress area on the upper Schlossberg.

Schlossberg invites you to long walks like no other park in Freiburg. There are numerous viewpoints along the branching network of trails on the mountain ridge, offering fantastic views of both the Black Forest and the entire city of Freiburg. From the municipal park, a cable car takes you up to the "Dattler" restaurant. You can climb Schlossberg on foot from the footbridge at the Swabian Gate. When you come to the "Kanonenplatz", a steep and winding path leads up to the 35-meter Schlossberg tower built in 2002.


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