Aussichtsturm Schlossbergturm
Observation tower

Schlossberg tower

Open 24 hours

Physical fitness is required! To enjoy the fantastic panoramic view from the Schlossberg tower, you will be required to: Climb stairs.

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From downtown Freiburg, you can reach the Schlossberg either on foot or to save your energy to climb the tower, you can take the Schlossberg Railway, which will take you to Freiburg's recreation area in just a few minutes.

From the mountain station via the Kanonenplatz, you will reach the first ascent. The 251 steps of the Salzbüchsletreppe lead you to its summit and thus to the foot of the Schlossberg tower. The construction of the 35-meter-high observation tower was financed mainly by donations; you can see the names of all donors on the front of the steps.

Once you reach the top, you will soon realize that the effort was worth it! From just 200 meters above Freiburg, you can enjoy a unique view of the city to the green valleys, the vineyards and the rivers of the Breisgau region.

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