Wasserfall in der Langenbachschlucht
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Langenbachstr. 2,  79674 Todtnau

Guided tours along the Langenbach canyon stream near Todtnau.

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A hot summer day. Maybe even a little too hot? “Schluchting” in the Black Forest is the answer! Hike and climb along the Langenbach canyon stream by Todtnau.

What is “schluchting”?
 Schluchting is a type of canyoning where you hike along the riverbed at the bottom of a valley, pass across waterways, and climb over rocks and stones. Equipment includes well-fitting, flat shoes (flexible with a thin sole and good grip, e.g. trainers / sports shoes, or barefoot shoes) and suitable, quick-drying clothes (dependent on weather conditions).   
 “Schluchting” in the Langenbach Gorge is subject to approval and numbers are limited. Safety equipment is required.
 “Schluchting” is possible in almost any weather, except during storms, flooding, and temperatures below 10 - 12 degrees.
 The “Schluchting” trail is between 800 and 950 m above sea level.

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