Schnapps Museum in Erich‘s Schnapshäusle

Bahnhofstr. 3,  79868 Feldberg

Distilling schnapps, in the past and today – Baden’s first schnapps museum at the Feldberg

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Guided tour of the museum, including schnapps tasting, every Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm.

The “good old times” come alive

It almost looks like many of the old, original utensils from around 1900 are still in use.  

After a welcome outside the museum, the visitors will be led through the upper and lower stories of the house. There is much to be discovered such as old decanters and containers that used to be filled with various vegetables, herbs, and roots. After the informative tour, the next stop is the heart of the schnapps museum – the distillery.  

Taste the delicious brandies and liquors.

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