Schnaps & Liebe, Weinverkostung
Liquor trade

Schnaps & Liebe

Q 6, 1,  68161 Mannheim

The name of this delicatessen in the Q 6 Q 7 mall says it all.

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Here you can sense the owners’ love of the best products of the region. Across an area of over 120 square metres, Schnapps & Liebe offers a handpicked assortment of regional wines, delicacies and spirits. Make your selection from among the wines of award-winning Palatinate wineries, different gins and whiskeys from international and regional producers, or sausage specialities from the Hambel cult butchery in nearby Wachenheim. In Schnaps & Liebe, you are sure to find something to make your connoisseur’s heart beat faster.

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