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Schneeberg Lifts, Waldau

Vordertal 6,  79822 Titisee-Neustadt

A friendly, family-run business with 2 ski lifts – the son, Stefan Maier, makes sure the slopes are in perfect condition and the owner, Klaus, guarantees snow with his new Techno Alpine snowmaking system.

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Schneeberg Lifts I & II: T-bar lifts with an overall length of 600 m and height of 120 m as well as a ski school rope lift.

Snowmaking: Depending on the weather conditions, the slopes are covered with artificial snow.

There is also a baby lift with a fairy tale slope. This only operates at the same time as the ski courses.

The ski school and the rental station as well as the “Skistüble” snack bar are located on site.

Snow and Info Hotline:  07669 690

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