Bridge / viaduct

Seltenbachbrücke / Sculptures on the bridge

Kaiserstraße ,  79761 Waldshut-Tiengen
Open 24 hours

Waldshut-Tiengen. The "Seltenbachbrücke" is a bridge, that isover the small river "Seltenbach". On this Bridge, you can find four sculptures.

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The Baroque statues from the 18th century were donated by the Greiffenegg Family. Until 1870, the pest Saints Sebastian and Rochus (probably from the year 1706 by a sculptor named Wirth) as well as the Immaculata (by Joseph Dietsche, 1738) were located near the fountains in the Kaiserstraße. For a short time, they were installed on the hospital's southern wall, too. The statue of Saint Johannes Nepumuk, known as Patron saint of bridges, was originally placed on the enclosing wall of the Schultheiß House. In 1931, the statues were relocated to the Bridge over the Seltenbach. The statue of the Virgin Mary is a replication from the 20th century.