Singer-Bader vineyard

Albert-Moser-Str. 100,  71394 Kernen-Stetten

Our Singer-Bader winer y is located in the Rems-Valley and was formed from two wine growing families which have a long tradition since 1573. Our philosophy: Clear, fruity wines with great attention to detail.

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Wine lies in our genes, so we continue the handwork of the family winery with a lot of swabian winemaking know how. Following our motto “Quality is produced in the vineyard” the sunny locations in Korb for growing red wine and the renowned locations in Kernen-Stetten for growing white wine are still being cultivated with great passion.

Our Winegarden in Kernen-Stetten opens in summer time where you can make a stop in a mediterranean ambience at the home of the winegrowing family. There, we serve swabian finger food and offer handpicked local wines for a small tasting. Just come over!

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