Blick auf den Präger Gletscherkessel im Oberen Wiesental
Nature preserve

Southern Black Forest Nature Park

Dr.-Pilet-Spur 4,  79868 Feldberg

The Southern Black Forest Nature Park is one of the most beautiful, most-visited holiday regions in Germany: Mountains close to 1,500 m high, wild canyons, rustic farmhouses, blossoming meadows, fruitful vineyards, open pastures, and dense forests – a unique mixture of nature and culture, of the traditional and the modern.   

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Vast & high

The region of the nature park extends from Herbolzheim and Triberg in the north all the way to Waldshut-Tiengen and Lörrach in the south. It includes the foothills to the west, all the way to Freiburg and Emmendingen, and extends to Donaueschingen and Bad Dürrheim across the Baar Plateau in the east it. At 394,000 hectares, it is the largest nature park in Germany. One-hundred-fifteen communities, five districts, the town of Freiburg as well as clubs and associations, businesses, and individuals are members and proud to be part of the nature park. It also has the three highest peaks in the Black Forest: the Feldberg at 1,493 m, the Herzogenhorn (1,415 m), and the Belchen (1,414 m).   

People & nature

Nature parks are large-scale, rural areas that are distinguished by diversity, character, and beautiful nature and landscapes. They are also great places to relax. People are purposefully included in the process of achieving a sustainable and environmentally-friendly development of the region. Furthermore, the Southern Black Forest Nature Park relies on a wide range of voluntary engagement and sees itself as a “workshop of regional trade”.    

Goals & projects

The main aim of the Southern Black Forest Nature Park is to preserve its unique, historically evolved cultural landscape by encouraging and continuously developing a sustainable, harmonious coexistence between people and nature – for, and together with, the people that live and work there. In order to achieve this goal, the nature park supports projects from various different sectors – tourism and culture, agriculture and forestry, nature and climate protection, architecture and residential development, as well as environmental education. They receive funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg and the European Union. Examples are the “nature park markets”, the “cheese trail in the Southern Black Forest nature park”, the “Southern Black Forest bike trail”, the transition to becoming an “energy region”, the first “nature park school” in Baden- Württemberg, or an increasing number of wheelchair accessible museums, natural wonders, and adventure trails. 

Leisure & enjoyment

Hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking, walking along adventure trails, experiencing cultural events, or enjoying regional produce: The Southern Black Forest Nature Park offers a broad range of appealing activities. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, a big adventurer or a young explorer – we welcome you to the Southern Black Forest Nature Park!

Welcome to the House of Nature

The administration office of the Southern Black Forest Nature Park is in the House of Nature by the Feldberg. That not only puts it at the heart of the nature park but – at 1,300 m above sea level – also makes it the highest administration office in Baden-Württemberg.

In the House of Nature, it is worth visiting the interactive, engaging, and multimedia-enhanced permanent exhibition. The creation of nature, the natural habitat of local plants and animals, and the depiction of how the land was farmed by the people – both today and in the past – is shown here. In addition, the history and role of the nature park and the nature preservation centre are highlighted. And if you still have questions, the only “talking ranger” in the world will answer them for you. Come and visit us!  

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