Schwanenweiher im Kurpark

Spa park Badenweiler

Schlossplatz 2,  79410 Badenweiler
Open 24 hours

Badenweilers 22 hectare spa gardens is one of the species richest spa park in Germany. It was created over 250 years ago after the model of English parks. Right in the middle there are the Roman bath ruins and the castle Baden. Walk here not only by nature but also by Badenweilers history.

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Botanical jewel
Badenweiler Kurpark lives of his sightlines. That is, no matter where you are, your eye is led inevitably to the next botanical beauty. And there are many! For example, ancient redwoods, lovingly arranged flower beds, vegetable islands, trees and rare shrubs. A walk will take you from Schwanenweiher the Roman bath ruins up to the Kurhaus.
Hildegard von Bingen Garden, Gutedelgarten, Vogesenblick
Directly in front of the Kurhaus begins an approximately 1 km long trail called coffee grinder. The right side of the road bordered a small Hildegard von Bingen Garden. A little further on turn left from a short walk to Badenweiler Gutedel garden. The detour to the vines botanical display garden worth. Inside are about 68 good Dels places, some of them with scarcity value.
The walk continues past the monument to Chekhov Vogesenblick. From the vantage point you have a wide view over the Rhine valley to the Vosges. Tip: even better from the point of view of the castle Baden. The short climb is worth it!
The castle park
If you turn right at the Grand Ducal Palace right, you reach the castle park. There is also the big Kakteenbeet with treasures from the spa gardens gardening.
Tip: spa tours
In high season there are regular guided tours of the park. For holders of the Badenweiler map participation in it is free.
Literature & Information

  • Information booklet "Hildegard von Bingen Garden"    
  • Botanical guide to the spa and Castle Park

Available in the Tourist Information Office.

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