Sportverein Kressbronn e. V.

Im Eichert 2,  88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee

The SV Kressbronn is a pure soccer club, which is at home in Kressbronn at Lake Constance.

Official content of Kressbronn am Bodensee

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The playground "Im Eichert" is located near the natural lido of Kressbronn and has a main square and two side courts with floodlights. The sports area is rounded off by the modern clubhouse, which was inaugurated in May 2016. The club colors are red and white. In addition to the two active men's teams, there is also an active women's team. The youth section always has at least one team in competition, from the smallest (Bambini) to the A-youth.
The SVK was founded, according to the founding charter, on January 8, 1946 by 15 founding members. The 1st board of directors was Hermann Rommelspacher from Kressbronn.1967 the promotion to the then third class Black Forest Lake Constance League was successful. The greatest success in the history of the club was the vice-championship in 1969, only one point behind the first-placed team. Currently the first team is playing in the Bodensee district league.