St. Martin’s Parish Church

Kirchweg 4,  79837 St. Blasien

The new parish church was formed in 1975. It was consecrated on 30 May 1976 by the suffragan bishop Karl Gnädinger. The St. Martin Parish Church has been a pastoral care unit in St. Blasien since October 2003, together with the Herz Jesu Parish in the Alb Valley and the St. Blaise Parish.   

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The St. Martin Parish Church does not have a steeply rising church tower but rather bulky brick walls which harbour the four church bells. It is crowned by a subtle yet imposing four-angled gammadion. Those who approach this church expecting the usual village chapel are initially surprised by the massive structure of the tent-like church. But step inside, and you will experience a sense of homely comfort. The main altar and celebration altar draw the visitor into the centre of the hall. The enormous wood-panelled ceiling, the effects of the light on the polyester window panes and the upper window shafts convey an unusually sacred atmosphere. The huge tent-like building invokes the feeling of being protected. On the other hand, it invokes the urge to embark on new journeys. The architects of the archiepiscopal building authority, Josef Laule and Richard Schill, created an extraordinarily sacred building.    

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