St. Peter and St. Paul Church Lahr

Lotzbeckstraße 9,  77933 Lahr

Built in 1844-49 as the first Catholic church in Lahr after the reformation, its impressive twin towers still dominate the local urban landscape.

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The church was the first Catholic church to be built in Lahr following the Reformation. It was built with a two-tower façade between 1844 and 1849 by the architect Jacob Julius Greiff.

It was restored to its current condition between 1984 and 1992.

Of the original interior, the altarpiece by Amalie Bensinger of Düsseldorf, the wood figures of St. Peter and St. Paul flanking the altar by Heinrich Greiff, the organ front by Konrad Albiez of Waldshut, and the pillar capitals remain.

The frescos on the sanctuary arch are by Carl Philipp Schilling of Freiburg. The other frescos are by Victor Sieferle and date from the year 1889.

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