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Stadtbibliothek (Municipal library)

Münsterplatz 17,  79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

What can you do if Freiburg’s weather is, for once, not cooperating and you are looking for some fun activity for your kids? Fortunately, the Municipal Library will make young bookworms very happy.

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Not only are its shelves bursting with comic books, children's and teen novels, CDs and games, it also organizes frequent readings and craft workshops. No one will get bored here!

Adult bibliophiles will also find plenty of reading material on the library’s three floors and two mezzanines. Freiburg library’s music section is a big draw for amateur and professional musicians from all over southern Germany, offering specialty magazines and books and a large collection of sheet music. A digital piano with headphones gives visitors a chance to play sheet music on site.

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