Marktplatz 15,  76530 Baden-Baden

Tackle the many steps up to the market square with joy and vigor. The effort is worth it, because the Baden-Baden Collegiate Church awaits you there.

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The Collegiate Church is the oldest building in the old town of Baden-Baden. The Abbey Church of Baden-Baden has been harnessing the changing times for over a thousand years. Its history is documented as far back as 987. Its architecture reflects Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque in a trilateral style and its interior houses remarkable sacred works of art. Of particular importance are the cross carved from a stone by the famous sculptor Niclaus Gerhaert of Leyden and a filigree 13 m high sacrament house from around 1490.

In the collegiate church 14 margraves of Baden found their last resting place. There is no other place where you can see tombs from 5 centuries from high medieval to baroque to classicistic in such a small space. And if you stand in front of the opulent baroque tomb of the Margrave of Baden-Baden Ludwig Wilhelm, the victorious general in the "Turkish Wars", (also called "Türkenlouis"), you will get an idea of what the tomb of the Sun King Louis XIV, which no longer exists today, might have looked like.

Originally built as a Romanesque basilica, the first parish church in Baden-Baden has undergone several alterations over the centuries.


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