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Storchensteg in Wehr (stork bridge)

Storchenstraße 14,  79664 Wehr
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The “Storchensteg” (stork bridge) in Wehr is a historical wooden bridge over the river Wehra and was opened in 1908.

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The original construction from 1908 survived for 38 years until three People broke through the bridge. Two years later in 1948 the bridge was rebuilt to its original design and characteristics with a slate roof.  52 cubic meters of wood and five tons of iron were used for the construction. Redecoration and replacement of wood took place in 1922, 1929, 1932/33 and 1937. Today the “Storchensteg” (stork bridge) is 50 meters long, up to 1.50 meters wide and has an incline of four percent.

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