Media house

Südwestrundfunk (SWR)

Hans-Bredow-Strasse ,  76530 Baden-Baden

Broadcasting to the World

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The SWR broadcasting center in Baden-Baden, idyllically located on the green slopes of the Fremersberg, is a major power house in German broadcasting. It is home to the company’s radio and television stations, plus all their engineering and production activities. SWR are responsible for one sixth of all broadcasts on the ARD channel, Germany’s main terrestrial television station. Programs such as ‘Tatort’ and ‘ARD-Buffet’, for example, which are household words in Germany, are produced in Baden-Baden.

Guided Tours

If you come to Baden-Baden and turn on the radio in your hotel room, the chances are that you’ll have tuned in to an SWR station. And no, it’s not being broadcast from hundreds of miles away, the signal is actually coming from just around the corner! While it’s on the doorstep, make the most of this opportunity and witness a broadcasting house in action. And while you are there, snap up a breath of studio air at a live television recording.
Everyone is welcome to visit the SWR studios!