“Süßes Löchle” Café

Friedrichstr. 14 am Urteilsplatz,  77933 Lahr

If you fancy a break after exploring the city, try the 'Süsses Löchle' café in a listed art deco style building on the Urteilsplatz.

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Visitors looking for a place to rest during or after their sightseeing will enjoy a pleasant stop at this unique listed building called the “Süßes Löchle” (sweet little hole-in-the-wall). It is an old-fashioned cake-shop and café that is mainly decorated in Art Deco style.
Enter this tiny place with thick glass window panes via its small cake shop where a metal cash register (dating from 1910) sits enthroned on the counter. Choose your cake, then go through to the back room with paintings hanging on the walls, where wooden tables and leather-covered seats provide peace and quiet.
This is the only café in the province of Baden-Württemberg to have been protected by a historical preservation order. It was founded in 1889, renovated in art-deco style in 1921 and has not been altered since then!

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