Tennis court

Tennis Courts in Feldberg-Falkau

Haslachstraße ,  79868 Feldberg

The three clay courts at the edge of the forest belong to the spa resort in Feldberg-Falkau. 

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The three clay courts are for anyone who enjoys playing tennis.

There are various options:

1.) If you are a visitor and your host has provided you with the Red Inclusive Card, you can book a tennis court for free.

2.) If you are visiting the Black Forest Highlands, you can book the tennis court for € 10 per hour.

3.) If you are visiting and would like to join someone already using the court, then please pay € 5 per hour. You will receive an adhesive label.

All bookings are made at the Mini-Markt in Feldberg-Altglashütten, Bergweg 2.

For options 1 + 2, you will receive the key to the tennis courts (€ 10 deposit) and an adhesive label. Please stick this onto the display case on the court. 

All locals and the newly arrived, please contact Tobias Haas (tennis management) at 07655/933150 or Tanja Gehr (youth management) at 07655/1734.

 Equipment is required, no rentals on site. 

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