The Chapel of St. Catherine

Katharinenkapelle ,  79346 Endingen

At 492 meters, the Katharinenberg is the highest point in Endingen's district and the fourth highest mountain in the Kaiserstuhl region, named after the chapel of the same name.

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The chapel, first mentioned in 1402, was rebuilt in 1862. It is the destination of pilgrimages and excursions. It stands with its steps on the Bannscheid of the communities of Amoltern, Endingen and Schelingen. However, the new construction of today's chapel is on Endingen's territory, which was also financed by the town's inhabitants. It is said to have been inspired by the visit of their royal highnesses, the Grand Duke Friedrich of Baden and his wife Luise as well as their parents, the later emperor (1871), King Wilhelm I of Prussia and his wife Augusta in September 1860.

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St. Catherine's Chapel is a nice destination for hikers, possibly also for mountain bikers.