The Holy Trinity in Igelschlatt

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Highly spiritual – The Black Forest was often a harsh and difficult living environment for its former inhabitants. There was no insurance in the event of illness, fire, poor harvests, or other turns of fate. Help and salvation was sought through the belief in the living God and the intercessions of the saints. Henceforth, chapels were built in the districts and hamlets far from the parish churches in the village. They are “small churches without their own clergy”. It was in these chapels that people once sought hope and assurance in times of need.

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The chapel is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The celebration was added to the Roman calendar by Pope John XXII in 1334. “In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit” – these are the words that mark the beginning or the end of many prayers and blessings. Trinity proclaims the threefold nature of the father, son, and holy spirit within a divine entity.

Igelschlatt is a district of Birkendorf. It is only a small hamlet. It was understandable that the inhabitants of these remote houses couldn’t walk the long route to the parish church every Sunday when bad weather and snow made it near impossible. In those cases, they prayed in their own chapel which provides kneelers for nearly 20 people.

The feast day of the Holy Trinity is the Sunday after Whitsun.


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