The land garden Überlingen

Ecke Schreibersbildstr./Wilhelm-Beck Str.,  88662 Überlingen

Sonja Frick is the initiator of the Landgarten Überlingen. Inspired by the principles of permaculture, she began in the fall of 2014 to transform a 3000 square meter meadow at the Schreibersbildkapelle with the help of soil organisms into a harmonious biotope for people, animals and plants and that only falls naturally with water from the sky. An new Natur-im-Garten-Garten at the Lake Constance.

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Here visitors will find a sea of ​​flowers of wild plants and old varieties, there grows the ancestor of all cabbages, the enchanting cabbage, as well as amaranth and quinoa, which share the flower beds of all kinds. At garden tours, Sonja tells the story of the garden, explains the principles of permaculture, individual plant species, the three sisters, the cosmos in the garden, wild herbs as food and how to create a small permaculture garden. The well-groomed Ungepflegte provides food for body, mind and soul. Registration for visits and guided tours at
Address of the garden: At the Schreibersbildkapelle, corner Schreibersbildstraße / Wilhelm-Beck Straße, 88662 Überlingen
Parking: Park at the Edeka in the Kurt-Hahn road, then 10 minutes walk across the Eglisbohl, with panoramic views over the Überlinger See, the Landgarten.
Important: No parking directly at the garden (no parking with towing)

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