Kletterzentrum "The Rock" Karlsruhe
Climbing hall

The Rock – Climbing Center

Ziegelstraße 1,  76185 Karlsruhe

The Rock climbing center – Climbing in Karlsruhe’s old bell foundry.

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The Rock offers nearly 200 climbing routes, in various sections and for a number of difficulty levels. The total climbing area measures 2,250 square metres. Climbers can practise all facets of the sport, from top-roping to lead climbing on various gradients. There is also a competitive 12-metre overhang including an 8-metre roof.

To climb at the Rock, it is essential to have sufficient climbing skills and a fundamental understanding of the safety systems provided. Climbers must therefore know how to tie a figure-of-eight loop for connecting ropes and how to secure a climbing partner using a Munter hitch or similar safety devices.

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